Dyed & Polished Concrete

The concrete dye comes in a wider range of colors than concrete acid stain, giving a wider color spectrum to choose from. Concrete dye is available in a vast array of colors, including subtle earth tones, vibrant hues, and pastels. A concrete dye may be used on standard concrete, integral colored concrete and dry shake color hardeners. Multiple color concrete dyes may be used to create designs without the use of a saw cut to separate colors as needed with acid stains. Dyes may be used over the top of each other if multiple colored dyed concrete is desired. Concrete dye, along with a polishing system, can create a colored floor system superior to a dye system with a sealer.

Benefits of Dyed Concrete:

Unlike acid stains, concrete dye colors are not reactive and will continue to intensify with each application.
The concrete dye may be used on exposed polished concrete, as well as a cream finish polished concrete. Concrete dyes are more predictable as to the final outcome of the color compared to acid stains, which are reactive and somewhat unpredictable.

The concrete dye can be used in conjunction with the acid stain as well. The concrete dye can be used to:

  • Enhance stain colors in areas of a slab where the stain is not reacting with the concrete and the color needs to be intensified.
  • Add visual texture and depth to a concrete surface or cementitious topping.
  • Shift color from subtle earth tones to vibrant hues.
  • Build layers of color.
  • Soften areas where the chemical stain has produced an overly bright tone.
  • We offer a material and labor warranty with this dyed concrete and polishing system.