Interior Living Space

Concrete home floors offer numerous options for interior rooms including nearly limitless designs, colors, and even health benefits.

Whether they are acid-stained, dyed concrete or polished, residential concrete floors offer a range unlike any other material. Concrete flooring, sometimes referred to as cement flooring, no longer has to be gray and boring. Coloring concrete, or applying patterns, saw cuts, etc., can bring new life to home floors. Residential concrete can be so uniquely designed or so naturally colored that it blends seamlessly with other elements in a room. Many times, you don’t even realize it’s a concrete floor you’re standing on!

Decorative residential concrete flooring is a green and sustainable home flooring alternative. Concrete home floors give you a durable, low-maintenance floor that will last the life of your home. Concrete floors, when left exposed, also conserve resources by functioning both as a foundation slab and finished floor. This eliminates the need for carpeting and other floor coverings that would eventually require replacement.

More reasons why residential concrete floors are becoming so popular:

  • They enhance the integrity of the architect’s designs.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • They are easy to change, especially if you sell your home; the next owner can place carpet or wood on top of the concrete slab.
  • They are great in regions with a lot of sand or snow.
  • They are a good alternative to carpet if you have allergies.